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Welcome to my blog, I am happy you are interested in my work! Please find some information below about me and my articles.

Any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask: loll@annaloll.com.

My twitter-ID is @anna_loll

Best wishes,



About me

I am a Berlin-based, investigative journalist for print media and radio, in-depth researcher and a fiction writer.

My customers are German and international media outlets, corporate entities like film production companies or NGOs like Global Witness (UK) or Avaaz (US).

I am available for public speaking about investigative journalism and media, and enjoy the occasional moderation of a panel discussion.

Personally, I strongly believe in cultivating kindness and courage.

I love divers and high-profile work, meeting inspiring and daring people through my investigative projects as well as creating new “worlds” through fiction. My artwork encompasses libretti for adults and I am working on novels for children and young adults (my first opera “Fuck the Facts” premiered in September 2017 at the Neuköllner Oper in Berlin).

I also love to spend time meditating and on the yoga mat, walking in nature with my dog, spending time with my daughter, especially at the seaside, on the horseback or baking a vegan triple chocolate cake.


A short C.V.

1980 born in Kiel, Schleswig-Holstein, Northern Germany

2006 Diploma in Social Sciences at the Humboldt-University, Berlin

Since 2006 working as a freelance journalist, based in Berlin


Photos on this website

All photos of me posted on this website are taken by Laura Mar Roselló Paz.

She is a journalistic photographer, but also takes all kind of other great pictures, as you can see. Please visit her website: http://www.lauramar.com


About my articles

Here you will find several pieces of my work in English, I hope you enjoy reading them! You can read more articles in German at the page “Artikel” on this blog.

Please note that I always try to update my articles as best as I can, but sometimes I am behind due to being busy writing the new works…


Pedophile Priests in Germany: ‘Zero-Tolerance’ Bishop Accused of Leniency/ SPIEGEL ONLINE International March 2012

Disillusioned German Catholics: The Pope’s Difficult Visit to His Homeland/ SPIEGEL ONLINE International September 2012

Interview With Gay Theologian David Berger/ SPIEGEL ONLINE International November 2010

The Hidden Wealth of the Catholic Church/ SPIEGEL ONLINE International June 2010

I was in the happy situation being able to “ambush” the Swedish beststelling author Mr. Henning Mankell on the street in front of Babylon Cinema (in Berlin), and with his very spontenous and kind agreement to interview him for The Times (London) about the Israelian attack on the flotilla end of May.

As the TIMES articles need to be payed for now, please excuse that I cannot provide you with a copy of the interview. However you can look it up yourself, if you are interested! The article was published June 5, 2010.

Second Class Victims in Germany: No apology for forced sterilization during the Third Reich/ The Times, November 2009

The North Sea is declared World Cultural Heritage. A Wadden Sea experience/ German Times September 2009

Feature CERN’s General Director Rolf-Dieter Heuer – Lord of the Particles/ Asian Pacific Times September 2009

Europe largest’s  Hindu festival takes place in Hamm in Westgermany. The joy is depressed by the ongoing conflict in Sri Lanka/ Asian Pacific Times July 2009

Feature Serbian Comic drawer Marko Djurdjevic/German Times May 2009

Feature German writer Bernhard Schlink/German Times April 2009

Germany is international student’s second choice/ German Times October 2008

Game industry in Germany/ German Times August 2008

Argentinean Tango in Berlin / German Times July 2007

The Kiel Week is the world’s largest sailing event – and North Germany’s biggest party/ German Times July 2007

Articles in Icelandic:
Ah, well, and two articles have been kindly translated by Karl Böndal into Icelandic for the Morgunbladid, where I was allowed to stay in spring 2012 (a great experience!), due to a bursary. (On the page “Artikel” on this blog, I have published the German manuscripts of both texts.)

– So for Icelandic readers :), have a look here:

Iceland – a German’s dream: Profile about Ruth Zohlen from Vestmannaeyjar / Morgunbladid June 2012

German Pirate Party on its rise / Morgunbladid May 2012

2 thoughts on “08 English

  1. Hello – I am a translator and am currently translating one of your articles into English – I looked up your website for the “Anna Noll is a freelance journalist…” part. I just noticed some things I would change on your English page, so I thought I would let you know: “I travel quite a lot.” (not traveling). ” I am most experienced in are the” should be “Most of my experience is in…”. Take out the “about” before “universities”. “interested to read” –> “interested in reading”. And “a selection of” sounds better to me than “examples of”.
    Kind regards

    1. Hi Daniel

      thanks a lot! I knew there were some things to correct, but I didn’t set to do it yet… And working your corrections in, I started to update the text (and probably worked some more errors in). I will ask one of my native English speaking friends to re-check the new one, too.

      Out of curiosity: Which text are you translating into English and who for?

      Best wishes, Anna

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